Fix: Compile Error In Hidden Module In Word And Excel, Compile Error In Hidden Module:

enter image description hereI have a problem about excel VBA.Excel file is created for many years. It run VBA code in 32 bit excel.However, my computer upgrade 32 bit excel to 64 bit excel.I cannot run the VBA file anymore.

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It show the error:Compile error in hidden module.This error commonly occurs when code is incompatible with version, platform or architecture of this application.

Is that any solution. Thanks.


I have resolved same error by following these 4 steps :

Open Excel file which is having issue, press Alt + F11 go into its Visual Basic Editor.From the Tools menu select References ( Note, if references option is disabled in tools menu try closing and reopening file and enable Macro before proceeding next steps)Scroll through the available References List and uncheck any item start with MISSING:Press Alt + Q once all of these reference errors have been unticked.

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If above steps does not solve issue try editing registry entries for 32/64 bit versions excel application.

This link has mentioned all troubleshooting steps



You can try to check if any missing variable declaration.I had same issue and found out that missing declaration for one variable using for looping


I had this issue with the first-party Solver addin that is included with Excel.The solution was to use Windows 8 compatibility mode.


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