Attention: DirectX 9.0c is no longer required as a pre-requisite for the latest Version/release of any of our products. This information is provided only for users of older versions.

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Install DirectX

Important Considerations Install .NET Framework FIRST! If you need to install a new level of the .NET Framework, then install the .NET Framework first. Otherwise, the DirectX install may skip some .Net related dlls and you will have to reinstall DirectX again later. Install Latest Maintenance Release - Even if you have verified that you are at the correct level of DirectX, it is recommended that you install the latest maintenance release. This can fix errors with missing DirectX Dll files và install important fixes và performance enhancements. Install Instructions and download Link

Look for the latest DirectX End-User Runtime (NOT the Software Developers Kit SDK which has a lot extra files you don"t need ). Installation typically takes đôi mươi to 40 minutes to lớn complete.

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The download is approximately 90-100 Megabytes. Important Note: Microsoft often releases updates to lớn DirectX without updating the version number or letter so be sure lớn install the latest release even if your version is technically the same. Download link:
Latest DirectX End-User Runtime
(FREE from Microsoft download Center). Sort the resulting danh mục Newest to lớn Oldest. Then pick the DirectX End-User Runtime website Installer. The description of this tải về MUST say "Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime provides updates lớn 9.0c" (see Figure 1.). Chú ý that the release date listed may change over time.


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Help! DirectX Won"t Install

A few users in the DirectX forums have reported that DirectX would not install on their machine and are getting this error message:Error: (32) - The process cannot access the tệp tin because it is being used by another process.You can try rebooting your computer, then proceed directly to the DirectX Install before starting any other programs.If that still fails, a reported solution is to boot the computer in Safe Mode, then run the DirectX installer. Choose Safe Mode with Networking if you are going to lớn use the DirectX web Installer liên kết above.