Device NameHP LaserJet 1020 Device TypePRINTER ManufacturerHP / HEWLETT-PACKARD Hardware IDQ5911A#ABA

The HP LaserJet 1020 is compact in size compared khổng lồ most other monochromatic laze printers. Getting the right information for your driver update is crucial and below we’ll lay out all of that information so you can get the right driver for your HP laserjet 1020. HP LaserJet 1020 is a compact but resourceful. With a foldable panel that reveals a 150-sheet tray & a single-sheet manual tray. Both trays have adjustable paper guides lớn allow the user to lớn choose their preferred printing option.

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HP LaserJet 1020 comes with a 234MHz processor and just 2MB of onboard memory. It’s speed and quality are not the best among its competition, but not terrible, either. It printed text at a rate of 12.52ppm (pages per minute) và graphics at a rate of 12.61ppm. In addition lớn the driver information, you will also see detailed specifications about the LaserJet 1020. You should be able khổng lồ find the driver you’re looking for. For easier ways to download the driver and be able khổng lồ automatically update và make it easier, the option lớn Give Driver tư vấn | ONE a try today! is always available.

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For the LaserJet 1020 the only Operating systems available are Linux & Windows. There are no versions for quả táo or Mac at the moment. It’s an older model, so you may not find any future updates.

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LaserJet 1020 Printer Specification Details

The LaserJet 1020 was a popular printer that’s found its way into many homes and offices in the last ten years.

The LaserJet 1020 is a 14 PPM, 600DPI laser printer with USB or LAN connections. It is no longer manufactured.


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