Here is a full guide on how you can fix the Grand Theft tự động V Launcher has stopped working error on Windows 11/10 PC. Grand Theft tự động V or GTA V is an action-adventure trò chơi developed by Rockstar Games. It is quite a popular game amongst gaming enthusiasts. However, some gamers have reported experiencing the “Grand Theft auto V Launcher has stopped working” error. While some users have encountered this error when launching the game, some experienced it when downloading an update. If you are one of those getting the same error, this post is for you. In this article, we are going khổng lồ mention multiple working fixes khổng lồ resolve the error.

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Before discussing the solutions, let us try to lớn understand why this error occurs.

What causes GTA V Launcher has stopped working?

These are the possible reasons for getting the GTA V Launcher has stopped working error:The problem might be with the corrupted installation of the Social Club application which triggers this error.Corrupted or missing game files associated with GTA V can be another reason for the same.Outdated graphics và sound drivers can also cause this error.In a few instances, using the Steam beta client can also result in this error.

How bởi you fix the GTA V launcher has stopped working?

You can fix the GTA V launcher has stopped working error by reinstalling the Social Club application, running the game in compatibility mode và with administrator privilege, verifying the integrity of trò chơi files on Steam, or updating your drivers. We have mentioned all these fixes below that you can kiểm tra out.

Grand Theft tự động hóa V Launcher has stopped working

Here are the methods lớn try if you keep getting the “Grand Theft tự động V Launcher has stopped working” error:Reinstall the Social Club application.Run the trò chơi in Compatibility Mode and as an administrator.Update your graphics & sound drivers.Verify integrity of game files (for Steam users).Opt-out of Steam Beta.Reinstall the game.Let us discuss the above solutions in detail now!1> Reinstall the Social Club applicationIn a few instances, the problem may lie with the corrupted installation of the Social Club application. So, you can try reinstalling the Social Club application và see if the issue is fixed. To vày that, you will first have the uninstall the application. Simply mở cửa the Settings app using the Windows + I hotkey & go to lớn the Apps > Apps và features section. Now, scroll down and locate the Rockstar Games Social Club application in the list. Select it and click on the Uninstall button to remove it. After that, you need to lớn ensure that there is no remnant or leftover associated with its installation. You can manually look for the Social Club thư mục at the following locations for the non-Steam installation:C:Users\DocumentsRockstar GamesC:Program Files (x86)Rockstar GamesC:Program FilesRockstar GamesWhen you are done deleting the files, download the latest version of the Social Club application from the official website. Then, install it on your PC. See, if you are able to launch and use GTA V properly now.

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See: Fix Far Cry 6 đen Screen issues on Windows PC.2> Run the trò chơi in Compatibility Mode and as an administratorYou can also try running GTA V in compatibility mode for Windows 7 as it has proven lớn be effective for affected users. Other than Windows 7, you can also check with other versions of Windows và see if it helps you fix the “Grand Theft auto V Launcher has stopped working” error. In addition lớn that, launching the game with administrative privilege may also help you get rid of the error. Here is how to bởi that:
Firstly, launch the Steam client, go to the Library menu, và then locate the GTA V in your list of games.Now, right-click on the game, select the Properties option, go khổng lồ the Local Files tab, and tap on the Browse Local Files option. This will open up the location of the trò chơi on your system. You can also manually search for the game’s location in the tệp tin Manager.Next, you need khổng lồ click on the GTAV.exe file và choose the Properties option.After that, navigate lớn the Compatibility tab in the Properties window và enable the checkbox called “Run this program in compatibility mode for” và then select Windows 7 or some other Windows version from the menu.Then, select the “Run this program as an administrator” checkbox present under the Settings section.Finally, press the Apply > OK button to save changes & try relaunching the game.Hopefully, this method will help you get rid of the “Grand Theft tự động hóa V Launcher has stopped working” error. If not, you can move ahead with the next potential fix.Read: Fix Age of Empires Definitive Edition not launching or working.3> Update your graphics & sound driversIt is always essential to keep your graphics and other drivers up-to-date lớn get the best gaming experience. So, if you haven’t updated your graphics drivers & sound drivers, it is time to lớn update them.You can easily update your drivers via the Optional Updates feature present inside the Settings > Windows Update section. Apart from that, you can visit the official website of the device manufacturer & get the updated driver versions from there. Or, use a không tính tiền driver updater to automatically update your drivers.After updating your drivers, relaunch GTA V và see if the error is fixed now.4> Verify integrity of game files (for Steam users)In case you have purchased and installed the GTA V game through Steam, you can try checking & repairing the corrupted or missing trò chơi files. Damaged or missing game files associated with the trò chơi installation might be a reason that you are getting the “Grand Theft auto V Launcher has stopped working” error. Steam provides a nice feature that automatically scans and repair corrupted trò chơi files from their server. You can use it và see if it helps you fix the problem.Here are the steps to lớn verify the integrity of GTA V game files on Steam:First, launch the Steam client và go lớn the Library menu.Now, from the list of games, locate & select the GTA V game.Next, right-click on the game & select the Properties option.After that, go to lớn the Local Files tab và press the Verify Integrity of trò chơi Files button.When the game verification process is complete, try relaunching GTA V, và hopefully, you won’t get the same error anymore.Read: Grand Theft tự động 5 (GTA V) crashing on Windows PC.5> Opt-out of Steam Beta
In the Steam Beta program, you get to lớn enjoy the latest game updates before generic users. However, it is not stable và might cause game crashes. Now, if you have opted for the Steam beta program, try opting out of it and see if the GTA V trò chơi runs fine. To bởi vì that, try the below steps:Firstly, launch Steam and click on the Steam option present at the topmost menubar.Now, click on the Settings option and go to lớn the tài khoản tab.Next, you will see a Beta participation option in the right-side panel. Simply tap on the Change button.Then, click on the drop-down button present next khổng lồ Beta participation.After that, select the “NONE – Opt-out of all beta programs” option from the appeared options.Finally, press the OK button & close the Settings window.You can try relaunching GTA V và see if the error is fixed now.Read: USB Gamepad is not recognized or working in Windows.6> Reinstall the gameIf none of the above solutions work for you, the last resort is to lớn reinstall the game. So, uninstall và then install the trò chơi again on your system.The Social Club / Non-Steam users can easily uninstall GTA V by using the Settings > Apps > Apps và features section. After removing the game, make sure you also delete the remnant files by going lớn this (default) location: C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGrand Theft auto V. When done, tải về the game from an official source and install it back on your system.The Steam version users can follow the below steps to uninstall và then reinstall the GTA V game:Firstly, xuất hiện the Steam client & click on the Library option from the menubar.Now, from your menu of games, select the GTA V game & then right-click on it.After that, choose the Uninstall option to uninstall the game.Next, you need to lớn delete leftover files by going lớn this mặc định location in file Explorer: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonGrand Theft auto VWhen done, tìm kiếm for the GTA V trò chơi on the Steam Store & install it back.Hope this helps!

Why does GTAVLauncher.exe crash?

The reasons behind the crashing of GTAVLauncher.exe may vary from person khổng lồ version. The common causes of this error are damaged or corrupted game files, outdated drivers, problematic installation of the Social Club app, or DirectX version mismatch. It may also occur if you are using the Beta participation feature of Steam.Now read: Far Cry 3 Not launching, Working, or Responding.