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Let us get started.

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What is Internet tải về Manager (IDM)?

Internetdownload manager, or IDM as many of us hotline it, has been around for a longtime. It is thebestChrome download managerfor Windowsoperating system users.

The default download managers of browsers likeGoogle Chrome,Firefox,Microsoft Edge, etc.don"tprovide you the maximum possible download speed due khổng lồ reasons like the lack ofmultiple download bands, connection restrictions, và so on.

On the other hand, Internet download Manager canaccelerate the slow downloading speeds by providing the maximum possible downloadspeed, up khổng lồ 5 times, on your Internet.

The Internet tải về manager also lets you resumedownloads if downloads are interrupted or you intentionally stopped them.

Google Chromecantransfer downloads lớn IDM directly, without the need to xuất hiện Internet downloadmanager manually, with the help of what"s calledIDM Integration moduleextensionorIDM Chrome Extension(ChromeIDMExtension).

What is IDM Integration Module Extension?

IDM Integration Module Extensionis an IDM Extension for Chrome that directlytransfers downloads from Google Chrome to lớn Internet download Manager for anyfiles or entire web pages.

IDM Google Chrome extensioncan letyou download videos from several clip hosting websites such asYouTube,Vimeo,Wistia,Brightcoveas well.


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Howto địa chỉ cửa hàng Chrome khổng lồ "Capture Downloads from the following Browsers" List

Before you move into the methods toaddIDM extensionin Chrome, make sure to kiểm tra the settings of IDM toensure that Chrome is on the list of "Capture Downloads from thefollowing Browsers"setting in IDM.

IDM will not capture downloads from Chromeif it is not on the "Capture Downloads from the following Browsers"list.

Follow the steps shown below khổng lồ check:


2.HeadtoOptionsand click theGeneralTab. Checkthe các mục of browsers with which the IDM integration module is enabled inCapturedownloads from the following browsersfield.


3.Ifyou cannot find Google Chrome on the danh mục for any reason whatsoever, clickonAdd Browserand locate Google Chrome executable file tointegrate it with the web browser.

Do not forget lớn tick the box whichsaysUse advanced browser integration.If IDM is not alsocapturing downloads in other browsers such asSafari,Firefox, etc.,this method will help you enable the IDM integration module for them as well.

How to showroom IDM Extension khổng lồ Chrome

Method 1:Automatic Installation ofIDM extension

When you first install IDM, version 6.33,or the latest versions, a pop-up notification is shown in Google chrome thatinforms youIDM Integration module chromefor Google chrome isautomatically added.

Hence, you need lớn make sure your IDM isup-to-date by following the steps shown below:


2.Then,click on theHelptab.

3.Finally,click onCheck for Updates.


If the IDM version you are using is not upto date, IDM will immediately start downloading the latest version of IDM fromthe official website.

After updating IDM to lớn version 6.33 orlater, IDM will automatically install IDM integration module Chrome in thechrome web browser.

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Method2:Manual Extension Installation IDM integration module chrome website store

Sometimes,theIDM extension for chromemaynotautomaticallyget installed in Google Chrome because of either ofthe following error messages:

·Notfrom Google Chrome website Store.This extension violates the Chrome website Store Policy.

·Suspiciousextensions disabled.To make Chrome safer, we disabled some extensions that are not listed in theChrome website Store và may have been added without your knowledge.

·Googlehas flagged IDM Integration as maliciousandthe installation has been prevented.

If you are facing one of the above error messages, you need to lớn addtheIDM Integration Module extension in Google Chromemanuallyfollowing the steps shown below:

1. Visit theGoogle Chrome web StorepagetoinstallIDM Integration Module Extensionin Chrome.

2. Then, click onAdd lớn Chrome,a permission pop-up will appear just below the address bar.



Anicon will appear in the taskbar of the browser. You have successfully installedthe IDM integration module extension on the Google Chrome web browser.

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Method3: Manually địa chỉ IDM Integration Module extension in Chrome

Thereis a chance thatIDM Integration Module extension chrome webstoreInstallationmay fail for some reason. In suchcases,draggingand dropping the IDM extension into the Google Chromebrowser khổng lồ install it manually is the best option.

Followthe steps shown below toManually địa chỉ the IDM Integration Module extensionin Chrome:

2. Then,go khổng lồ the installation folderwhere you installedInternet download Manager, which is generallyC:ProgramFiles (x86)Internet tải về Managerunless và otherwise, youinstalled in another location.


3. Find the tệp tin nameIDMGCExt.crxanddrag it khổng lồ theExtensions Tab(chrome://extensions/)in Google Chrome.A warning may appear with a message“Extensions, apps, & themes canharm your computer. Are you sure you want khổng lồ continue?”.ClickonContinueand a prompt khổng lồ install the module will pop up onthe screen.

Common Errors in Manually adding IDMIntegration Module extension in Chrome

Sometimes the following error messages may pop up whenyou try khổng lồ install the IDM Integration moduleextension in Chromebydragging & dropping the IDM Integration Module extensioninto theextension page i.e.,chrome://extensions/

·Notfrom Chrome Webstore. This extension violates the Chrome web Store Policy.

·Apps,Extensions, and scripts cannot be added from this website.

How khổng lồ fix the “Apps, Extensions andscripts cannot be added from this website” error

"Apps, Extensions và scripts cannot be addedfrom this website" error may occur while adding the IDM extension toGoogle Chrome.

1. EnableDeveloper modefromthe Extensions page. It is situated on the vị trí cao nhất right corner of the page.

2. Enableit when the above error appears và disable it later on when youare done adding extensions. Close theExtensionsTabandopen it again. It should install the IDM integration module extension in Chromewithout any problem.

If the errors continue to show up, try thefollowing three fixes for installing the IDM integration module without anyproblem:

·EnableDeveloper Mode in the Extensions tab. It will give you overall control over theweb browser, allowing you lớn install extensions blocked by Google Chrome.However, you should use the developer option wisely to avoid the risk of addingmalware and virus lớn your browser.

·Switch toCanary channels for developers.

·Switch toGoogle Chromium, an open-source version of Google Chrome that has all the betafeatures of Google Chrome và much more.

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How khổng lồ Enable Incognito mode of IDMIntegration Module Extension

People use the Incognito mode of Google chromefor various purposes. If you need to tải về files in Incognito mode throughIDM, you should first enable IDM for Incognito mode with the following steps.

1. Right-click on the IDM icon on the taskbarof Chrome and then, click onManage Extensions. A new tab will beopened with settings for the IDM Integration Module extension.

2. Click on the button that readsAllowin Incognitoso thatit will be turned on.

Howto fix “IDM integration module cannot liên hệ IDM application” Error

Afteryou installed Internet tải về Manager, an occasional error message“IDMintegration module cannot contact IDM applicationshows upwhen you try to download files for the first time which causes IDM not khổng lồ catchdownload liên kết as expected.

Thesolution is khổng lồ enableAllow access to tệp tin URLson the Manageextensions page.It gives permission for the IDM extension to read,access, & write on your computer. These permissions are normally safe forextensions installed from the Chrome web store.

Howto Stop IDM from Downloading Specific Files?

Sometimesthe files you are interested to tải về may be too small that you need toaccess them right away from the download bar at the bottom of the chromepage.In such situations, special shortcut keys can be set lớn force IDMnot to download these small files.

1. Open IDM.

2. Go toOptionsand clickon theGeneraltab.

3. At the bottom of the General tab, click ontheKeysoption andUsing Special Keywindowwill be opened.

4. Select the keys by ticking from thekeyboard key option provided:Shift,Del,Ctrl,andAlt. You can choose one or more keys that are easy for you toremember while trying to tải về a tệp tin on Google Chrome.

5. Finally, clickOKto savechanges.

Nexttime when you are downloading a file, keep theSpecial Keysyouchosepressed while you are clicking on the download link so that IDM isdoesn"t tải về the files. If the tải về is started in Google Chrome, youcan release the keys.

Howto địa chỉ Files Types in IDM

Eventhough the IDM extension module is enabled in Chrome, IDM will not capturedownloads whenever you are using IDM on it.IDM has a các mục of file typesthat will capture downloads directly from Google Chrome whenever it is calledfor.

Thatmeans unless theFile Typeof the file you want to tải về isnot on the danh mục of files types IDM has been set, you will not be able todownload any tệp tin with that particular file type.

Thefollowing are the steps you should follow toaddFiles Types inIDM:

1. Open IDM.

2. Go toOptionsand clickon theFiles Typestab.

3. Check if the tệp tin type of the tệp tin youwish to tải về is there. If not, địa chỉ the file type name by leaving a spacebefore the last file type name. This will solve the issue of IDM not catchingdownloads from any web browser.


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Afterproperly following the methods and procedures mentioned in this article, youwill be able lớn addChrome tải về manager(Chrome IDMextension) orIDM integration module chrome website storeanddownload Files on the internet very fast.