While Windows 7 reaches its end of Life stage on January 14, 2020, Microsoft will continue to provide updates for the Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) app, which is the built-in antivirus program included in Windows 7.

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This is despite Microsoft itself releasing an updated FAQ on Extended Security Updates for Windows 7, which says that “your Windows 7 computer is not protected by MSE after January 14, 2020. MSE is quality to Windows 7 và follows the same lifecycle dates for support.”

This made it pretty clear that MSE won’t protect Windows 7 users once Windows 7 enters its kết thúc of Life, which is when Microsoft will no longer tư vấn or update the aging operating system, but Microsoft seems to have changed its mind.

Microsoft Security Essentials will continue khổng lồ be updated

In an AMA (ask me anything) session held on the Microsoft Community Forums, Woody Leonhard, a columnist for Computerword, asked: “Can you confirm that Microsoft will really, for sure, cut off Microsoft Security Essentials malware signature updates after January 14? Even if you’re paying for Extended Support?”

In response, Mike Cure, a Microsoft engineer, replied: “MSE will continue khổng lồ receive signature updates after Jan. 14.”

Cure also pointed to a passage in the FAQ that says: “Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) will continue to receive signature updates after January 14, 2020. However, the MSE platform will no longer be updated.”

Now, as Woody pointed out, this is a bit confusing, as it seems to lớn contradict other parts of the FAQ, which prompted Cure to lớn promise that “I"ll get corrected as soon as possible.”

So, this is reasonably good news for Windows 7 users, as it means that after January 14, your PC won’t suddenly become at risk lớn viruses if you’re using MSE. With MSE continuing lớn get signature updates, it should be able to identify new threats as they emerge.

However, it’s still not a good idea lớn continue lớn use an unsupported operating system, và we recommend switching from Windows 7 khổng lồ Windows 10 (or a Linux alternative) as soon as possible.

Via Computerworld


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