Become the Vice city mob boss

The sixth of Rockstar"s infamous Grand Theft Auto series is one of its finest, polishing and fine-tu‌ning the formula that made Grand Theft tự động hóa 3 such a resounding success. GTA: Vice đô thị is a single player free roam xuất hiện world that puts players in the xanh jeans and Hawaiian t-shirt of Tommy Vercetti as he makes his mark on the criminal underworld.

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Vice thành phố is yours - it just doesn"t know it yet

15 years is a long time khổng lồ in prison, & for an aspiring criminal kingpin like Vercetti, it"s to you. Voiced by the charming & Ray Liotta, Vercetti is the perfect protagonist for a GTA game: Streetwise, savvy, và ruthless, he becomes a conduit through which the player becomes front and of the kích hoạt in a world that promises complete freedom & control. GTA: Vice đô thị delivers on that promise in spades.

Vice đô thị toes the line gratuitous and humor, the latter of which mostly comes from the memorable cast whose personalities amusingly pinball off of Vercetti. These are supporting characters such as Diaz, Paul, or the corrupt lawyer The plot of GTA 6 is more nuanced than its predecessor, but remains simple at its core: Get, get money, và embrace infamy.

A dynamic, không lấy phí roam world

The city itself is one of the major characters of the game, & is fully realized with a living, breathing personality of its own, one that cannot be ignored. Vice thành phố takes place before the of GTA 3, & shifts from the prior gritty urban lớn a bright & colorful coastal city inspired by Miami. This cheerful, thriving atmosphere belies the seedy, sleazy underground that drives the story forward.

As you tốc độ down the road in whichever fancy hijacked vehicle suits your mood, you can observe the city around you going about its day-to-day: Sports cars zip down the roads while, boats parade through the water ways. News copters hover overhead while rival gangs pursue turf wars in the streets. You can choose to, or you can just cruise along & turn up the radio (be sure to kiểm tra out VCPR for laughs).

The atmosphere is of crime drama nostalgia like "The Godfather," "Scarface," or "Carlito"s Way", & that"s in large part due to lớn the voice acting work of the cast. Full voice acting was rare back in 2002 this game was released, and whether you played or are booting it up now for the first time, the performances và lớn detail are professional quality, down lớn the period-correct radio stations.

How does it compare to lớn Grand Theft tự động hóa 3?

GTA 3 is the closest game you"ll get lớn Vice City. It"s fair khổng lồ say that Vice city merely improved upon an already successful formula. For better or worse, Vice đô thị doesn"t break much new ground, but instead polishes what already made the series stand out. The quests in Vice thành phố are more multifaceted & complex than those of GTA 3, which typically amounted lớn glorified fetch quests.

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By comparison the missions of GTA 6 don"t feel like one-shot ideas, but building blocks towards a legitimate goal: Vercetti aims lớn run this city, & there"s a ladder he must climb before he can vì so. It"s the continuity and the macro trò chơi of manipulating the đô thị to work for you that keeps players hooked for the long haul.

Does this game hold up well?

Vice đô thị is the GTA"s older formula at its best, but some of its technical aspects và older gaming have aged rather poorly, especially compared to more miễn phí roam single player sandbox games such as the Just Cause series or Far Cry. The controls for jumping & aiming are passable, but lack the smoothness & intuition modern day gamers have come lớn expect, and the lack of swim controls is downright silly for a trò chơi that features a boat right on the box art.

Compared lớn more GTA, Vice city is bare-bones and clunky. The game"s camera is unwieldy & leads to lớn frustrating crashes into objects & missed turns. Boat controls sadly have not improved either, & missions such as Diaz" yacht are so poor that it"s better to simply go the long route just to avoid the water.

The textures of GTA 6 are lackluster and uninspired by today"s standards, and LOD suffers on đứng top of that. It"s a good thing the voice acting is so good, because the human models are low-res and can barely emote. On the flip side of the coin, this makes it easier to lớn run the game on mobile devices or older hardware. Despite its large size Vice đô thị runs great on iPhone.

Leave the gun, take the cannoli

GTA 6 takes the best of GTA 3 & polishes them lớn a mirror, offering about 30 hours of chơi game in a straight run. A completionist will find 70+ hours of Grand Theft tự động Vice city is the pinnacle of old school GTA. If that"s the retro you"re looking for, this is the trò chơi to get. If you"re looking for an alternative game, we you to lớn try GTA San Andreas too.

What"s new?

GTA 6 has a handful of new vehicles to add to the mix, including street bikes, dirt bikes, big hogs, mopeds, & (our favorite) helicopters. Say goodbye to lớn the days of drones that only fly three feet off the ground! Take to the skies! Oh, and did we you can attack people with a chainsaw? Have fun with that.

Compared to lớn earlier games in the franchise, GTA 6 also features a deep money laundering system tied to lớn its real estate. This added facet solves one of GTA 3"s biggest (and silliest) problems: The player has more money than they know what to do with. Once you"ve filled out the armory of weapons và upgrades in GTA 3 there wasn"t much to vì chưng with gluttonous cash overflow.

In Vice city Vercetti can outright buy businesses lớn build up his prestige in the city. Around the game"s midpoint you"ll be the ability to lớn buy property and upgrade it for passive income. this money on better hideouts and gear, và it begins to lớn feel like a slow takeover of the trò chơi map, & towards reigning as the criminal kingpin you mix out to become.