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Zombies 2 is the sequel lớn the popular "tower" game from PopCap. Your mission is to your location (a house) against incessant zombie attacks using an army made up of plants.This time, however, you not only have to lớn the from a zombie attack, but you also have to travel through time lớn protect some key locations around the world, always with the help of your plants.As you would expect from a good sequel, Plants vs Zombies 2 features a few new plants, và a whole host of new zombies.

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With this greater variety of units &, it becomes more complicated to get through all the levels in the game.Along with the sunflowers and pea throwers, there are a number of new troops that can further decimate the zombie ranks. It should also be noted that the zombies are dressed on the period of history you find yourself in.Plants vs Zombies 2 features the same fun game play that helped the first trò chơi become game of the year. The control system is perfectly adapted for Android, and the improved graphics will delight the most demanding of users.

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