When it comes to lớn installing the latest Windows operating system on your computer, the majority of the time the process is simple và works flawlessly without error due khổng lồ Microsoft’s streamlined installation technology. However, some Windows users who try to do a clean install, a reinstall, or a dual boot, may find themselves with the error message, “Windows cannot be installed to lớn this disk”.

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This error may be followed up with a message noting that your selected disk for installation is of a certain partition style, which is why the installation is failing. In this article, we are going to look at why your hard drive partition style must tư vấn BIOS versions UEFI và Legacy, what to bởi if your hard drive has a GPT or MBR partition style, & methods lớn get the installation working for these errors.

Understanding How UEFI/BIOS Legacy Versions Impact Windows Installation setup & Your Hard Drive Partition Style

As of right now, there are 2 pieces of low-level software that starts up before your computer boots into your operating system.

The first is Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) which is the more modern version of BIOS (basic input, output system). The UEFI allows your computer lớn boot from larger hard drives, it contains more security features, is easier lớn understand và use, plus it has faster boot times.The second is Basic Input, đầu ra System (BIOS), & is pretty outdated. It can only boot from drives that are less than 2 terabytes & it has trouble initializing multiple hardware devices at once because of its 16-bit processor mode and 1 MB of executable space. This leads to slow boot times.

Both pieces of these low-level software are stored on your motherboard. Your motherboard will contain one or the other, not both. It is what wakes up all of the hardware attached lớn your motherboard, including the hard drive with the Windows Boot Executable. When your hard drive & CPU are woken up, your computer boots into the installed operating system.

However, depending on which version of the software you have (UEFI or BIOS), directly impacts whether or not you can install Windows on your hard drive. This is because UEFI and BIOS only play nice with their respective hard drive partition styles.

Which Partition Style Works With Which Firmware?

While there are several iterations of the, “Windows cannot be installed to lớn this disk” error, the most common ones are followed up by either, “The selected disk is of the GPT partition style,” or “The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks”. Khổng lồ help clear up the confusion between these two, here is how the firmware is paired with the partition styles.

If you are getting the “Windows cannot be installed lớn this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style” this is because your motherboard only supports Legacy BIOS mode. This means that you can only install Windows to an MBR hard drive partition, as your BIOS cannot recognize the GPT partition style.

If you are getting the “Windows cannot be installed khổng lồ this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks”. This is because Microsoft’s ruleset only allows Windows to be installed lớn GPT partition style disks when your motherboard is using the newer UEFI software.

Now that we have a good understanding of which firmware supports which partition style, we can solve the installation problem by following the solutions for each error type.

3 Solutions to lớn “Windows Cannot Be Installed to lớn This Disk. The Selected Disk is of the GPT Partition Style.”

If you are getting the “Windows cannot be installed to lớn this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style” then you will need khổng lồ figure out if your BIOS only has the legacy mode available & if it does, you will need to convert the drive.

1. Check BIOS Setup.

To kiểm tra your BIOS setup, you will need to get into the BIOS.

Reboot the computer.Repeatedly press the corresponding BIOS key. You can find out which key this is in your motherboard’s manual.Here is where it gets a bit tricky as you will need to navigate through the BIOS until you find an option that details out the boot mode. This is often found under a “Boot” tab menu, which will tell you which boot mode you are in.If the boot mode you are in is Legacy BIOS & there isn’t an option for UEFI, you will need to convert the GPT disk partition to an MBR partition table.If there is an option khổng lồ choose UEFI mode or to use a combination of UEFI/Legacy Boot, then select this & save the changes. Now you can install Windows on the desired hard drive.

2. Convert lớn MBR Using Diskpart.

While using the Diskpart tool, all files on your hard drive will be deleted. This won’t be an issue if your computer is new and this is the first installation. Otherwise, you may want to install Windows khổng lồ a different hard drive that is completely clean.

Insert the Windows Installation truyền thông Disk and during setup, mở cửa up your computer’s Command Prompt. Press Shift + F10 to do this.Enter in the following command: diskpart .Enter in the following command: list disk .A list of all of your available hard drives will pop up.Select the drive you want to lớn install Windows to. Normally this is disk 0. If it is not disk 0, make sure lớn choose the appropriate disk.Enter: select disk 0 .Type in: clean .Type in: convert mbr to lớn convert the drive khổng lồ MBR.Type in: exit .

Close the Command prompt & try to lớn reinstall Windows again.

Note: There is no need to showroom in the brackets around “enter”. It means press the Enter key.

3. Use the Disk Management Utility to lớn Convert khổng lồ MBR.

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If you are trying to vị a dual boot & do have access khổng lồ Windows on another hard drive on your computer, you can use the Disk Management Utility lớn convert the desired hard drive to lớn MBR.

In your computer’s tìm kiếm bar, type in “Disk Management”.On Windows 10, the program in the search will be called “Create & Format Hard Disk Partitions – Control Panel”. Click this to get to lớn the Disk Management Window.Find the GPT disk in the volume list.Delete all of the partitions/volumes on this disk.Right-click each & choose delete volume.Once the entire disk is completely không tính tiền from allocated space, right-click the disk and choose to lớn “convert to lớn MBR disk”.

Now you can install Windows on this MBR disk.

4 Solutions khổng lồ “Windows Cannot Be Installed khổng lồ This Disk. The Selected Disk Has an MBR Partition Table.”

You can use similar solutions to lớn the ones above when trying khổng lồ convert your hard drive from MBR khổng lồ GPT. But, there are a few other solutions that you can also try if you are getting this particular error.

1. Jump Into BIOS & Disable EFI Boot Sources.

A quick fix for this error that doesn’t require you lớn convert is khổng lồ simply disable EFI boot sources. You will need khổng lồ jump into your BIOS lớn see if this is an option.

Reboot your computer.Repeatedly press the corresponding BIOS key. You can find out which key this is in your motherboard’s manual. In most cases it is DEL or F2.Locate the Boot Order Section & see if you can disable EFI boot sources.Save changes.Now try installing Windows again.

If Windows installs successfully, make sure lớn go back into the BIOS and re-enable EFI boot sources.

2. During Installation, Delete Partition & Reformat.

Warning: This solution will delete all of your important files, so only use it if you are a) okay with losing your files or b) have a backup saved.

During Windows installation, you will get khổng lồ a point in the process where it’ll ask you which hard drive you want khổng lồ install the operating system to. During this stage, choose the partition you want khổng lồ reformat và choose the delete option. You will then need to create a new partition in the GPT style in order to lớn install successfully if you are on a UEFI system.


3. Use Diskpart or Other Mode in BIOS.

Just like in the section above for GPT partition style error, you can use Diskpart to delete the problematic partition và convert it to lớn the appropriate partition style. In this case, it would be converting it to lớn GPT. Follow the same steps as above, but swap out the “Type in: convert mbr lớn convert the drive to the MBR” khổng lồ “convert gpt ” to have it convert to lớn GPT.

You can also check your BIOS lớn see if there is a combination option for UEFI/Legacy BIOS modes. If there is, simply disable the UEFI boot & enable the Legacy Boot option khổng lồ install onto your disk. This way, you don’t need khổng lồ convert your disk at all.

4. Use a 2.0 Flash Drive for Installation.

If you are planning on using an external device to lớn install Windows khổng lồ your hard drive, use a 2.0 USB flash drive. Why? You will be able to choose khổng lồ boot using MBR or Legacy with it. 3.0 USB flash drives don’t come with this option.

If you are running a newer motherboard, it may come with support for both the UEFI và Legacy Boot modes enabled. You can kiểm tra this in the BIOS – several solutions above chú ý how you can vì chưng this. If you are installing from a disk & you get the message, “Press any key lớn boot from disk” – wait & do not press anything. The message will pop up a second time, & you can then press “any key” lớn then select which designated device you want lớn boot from. In this case, the installation disk.

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