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When you attempt to lớn visit some websites using Mozilla Firefox browser, you may receive an error message “Your connection is not secure” to lớn prevent you from accessing the website.

What Does Firefox Your Connection Is Not Secure Error Mean?

Firefox your connection is not secure error usually occurs when the validation certificate of the website is not completed or valid. If the certificate cannot be validated, Firefox stops the connection to lớn the website and shows the message.

“Your connection is not secure” error is also called SSL error. SSL is an mạng internet Security Protocol which can protect users from leaking personal or financial information when visiting websites.

You can ignore this warning and continue to access the website, but it could put your computer at risk because of the vulnerable communication channel.

Therefore, if you see this error indicating that the web page is not recognized và is not secure. You can try the following ways lớn fix Firefox your connection is not secure error.



2. Correct the Date and Time

Many websites use security certificates and the certificate has expiration date. If the date and time on your PC is not correct, your browser might detect the certificate is outdated and display “Your connection is not secure” message in Firefox.

You can right-click the Date và Time icon at the bottom-right corner on computer screen and choose Adjust date/time.Then turn off Set time automatically After a while, turn on this option again.

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You can also click Change button khổng lồ manually adjust the time and date.


3. Check for Malware, Disable Antivirus Software Temporarily

Sometimes malware or antivirus software may affect your internet connection và lead to lớn Firefox your connection is not secure error. You can run a malware scan to remove malware by using Windows Defender or third-party security software.

You can also temporarily disable the antivirus software, & try to lớn access the problematic websites again lớn see if it can fix your connection is not secure Firefox error.

As for how khổng lồ disable Windows Defender, you can check: 3 Ways to lớn Disable Windows Defender Antivirus on Windows 10

To temporarily disable Avast antivirus software, you can check: Multiple Ways lớn Disable Avast for PC & Mac Temporarily/Completely

4. Restart Router to lớn Fix Firefox Your Connection Is Not Secure

You can press the power button on your router và modem lớn turn off your router and modem. After about 1 minute, you can press the nguồn button again khổng lồ turn on the router/modern. Then you can mở cửa Firefox và visit the target websites again to see if “Your connection is not secure” error still exists.


5. Bypass the Firefox Your Connection Is Not Secure Warning

If you are visiting a trusted website, you can choose khổng lồ bypass the “Your connection is not secure” warning in Firefox.

When the error message appears, you can click Advanced -> showroom Exception -> Confirm Security Exception.

Bottom Line

As for how khổng lồ fix your connection is not secure Firefox error, you can try the 5 tips in this post. If you have other ways to solve this issue, please vị not hesitate to cốt truyện with us.



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